At HK Construction, we believe in placing the customers needs first and foremost. Each member of our staff and all service partners adhere to these same standards of service. These standards are shared with you to ensure that our goal of outstanding customer service is achieved.

Customer Communication:

Communication is the foundation of all relationships.  When working with HK Construction you will be provided with a list of contacts for the job site Supervisor, Office staff and the President and owner of HK Construction.

  • All communication (phone, email or text messages) will be returned within a 4-hour period, unless received after standard business hours in which case it will be returned within 24 hours.

  • Using obscenities or vulgar language is absolutely not acceptable.

  • Vendors providing services on behalf of HK Construction will provide the HK Supervisor with an update within 30 minutes of leaving the clients home.


Job Site:

  • All jobs sites will be cleared of debris and secured before employees and vendors leave the property.



  • Employees, vendors and trade contractors dress appropriately and present a positive and professional image at all times.

  • HK representatives always wear a clean uniform that has either a name or other identifiable mark on the front.