Higgins Project

HK Construction was happy to have helped the Higgins ohana with their home renovation project. In this case, not only was their deck in bad shape, it proved to be dangerous to the family as well.

The previous contractor that built the home had not communicated with the homeowner what their intent was. What they expected and what was actually being built were two different things. The Higgins told the contractor to stop what he was doing and just finish off the balcony


Their deck planks were loose on the floor and the railings were deteriorating. It was far too dangerous for a number of people to be standing on it at once.

20 years later, unhappy and just living with the balcony, they finally decided to do something about the it.

HK Construction was able to work with the Higgins to complete a home renovation that lived up to their original intent – an outdoor living space that was covered and would allow them to sit outside and enjoy their “million dollar” view with family and friends.