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The Kakuda's lived in their home for over 25 years, during those years, they had a flood that damaged there home in 1988. They repaired the damage to the home from the flood waters, however the water created a perfect condition for ground termites to start a nest under the home's foundation. Through the years they patched and repaired as they saw evidence of termite activity or as things needed to be replaced. At one point they decided to start a much larger project of replacing their kitchen and bathroom and also to continue repairing areas with more termite activity.

They started the process by going to a few seminars including HK's, still with the idea of undergoing a large renovation for perceived cost savings. They scheduled an appointment for a free on site consultation. Upon HK's assessment, we discovered the amount of termite damage and the scope of work they wanted to complete, would essentially be more than the cost to rebuild – especially since the termite damage was throughout the house and the structural beams of the home. Also the termite problem may not be mitigated as the original concrete foundation would remain along with other original components of the home.

After our assessment the owner realized, through out project cost analysis, that for a better home and less worries for the rest of their life, new home construction was the best option. They couldn't be happier with the decision they made.


HK Construction was happy to have helped the Higgins ohana with their home renovation project. In this case, not only was their deck in bad shape, it proved to be dangerous to the family as well.

The previous contractor that built the home had not communicated with the homeowner what their intent was. What they expected and what was actually being built were two different things. The Higgins told the contractor to stop what he was doing and just finish off the balcony.

Their deck planks were loose on the floor and the railings were deteriorating. It was far too dangerous for a number of people to be standing on it at once.

20 years later, unhappy and just living with the balcony, they finally decided to do something about the it.

HK Construction was able to work with the Higgins to complete a home renovation that lived up to their original intent – an outdoor living space that was covered and would allow them to sit outside and enjoy their “million dollar” view with family and friends.

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